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Plan your next fishing trip to maximise your catch:

af_01The weather and environmental conditions including tide and wind play a very important factor in fishing. Use our tools to plan your next fishing trip including up to date fishing reports from every sector that we fish on Port Phillip Bay.

Use these links to plan your next fishing trip.

Boating Forecast for Port Phillip 



Seasickness / What to bring:

Plan to avoid the dreaded seasickness (can really spoil your day) Take a seasickness pill bofore going on your fishing trip. No matter how much we plan ahead to get the right day, the weather can always be unpredictable. Whilst we love the calm days, some time the best fishing is had on the rougher days, particularly during snapper season.

  • Seasick pills - we recommend travel calm/kwells
  • Bring warm clothing and always bring a spray jacket
  • Wear appropriate foot wear - runners are the best (don't wear heavy boots, they damage the deck of the boats)
  • Wear appropriate trousers for the day
  • Sun hat/sunscreen/sunglasses
  • Stubbie Holder
  • Very small eski for cold beer and fish
  • Camera to catch the action

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